History of Our Company

Sepid Teb Nia is a health and well-being pharmaceutical company, active in the fields of producing different kinds of food supplements, herbal medicine and special chemical medicine since 2010. Sepid Teb has been remained an independent structure committed to innovation and sustainability. According to the will and the plan to produce specialized medicines, the company started its activities with contract manufacturing in authentic factories inside and outside the country and simultaneously proceeded to design & build its factory in a land of 50 thousand sq m in the Industrial Park of Nazar Abad.  

Research and Development Center of Pharmaceutical Company

R&D Is the primary nucleus of its Pharmacy factory activities, despite of our constantly efforts we are still eager to get our great aims.
Whereas Sepid teb R&D department is trying to gather expertise of pharmacy industries for improving quality of current products and also offering new effective products for promoting health of society created close relation between R&D department and quality and guarantee center.
This department by gathering information about needs of users and also by considering formulation of current market plays important part in choosing useful products in country.
Totally activities of this department is doing necessary tests specially constant tests and finally make needed documentaries ,providing documents for presenting to food &Drug organization .
Although we are fully proud of our products quality, but are ready to improve our self and believe no one can help us except our customers in this regard.

Managing Director’s Message

Thank our Lord for blessing us in our way and give us the opportunity to being a loyal servant for our society. We deeply believe that there is a hidden chance in every threat , up to now  we have been succeed to take advantage of our hardship and struggles.

Dr. Hossein Etemadi

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