Sepid Teb Nia is a health and well-being pharmaceutical company, active in the fields of producing different kinds of food supplements, herbal medicine and special chemical medicine since 2010.


Sepid Teb has been remained an independent structure committed to innovation and sustainability. 


According to the will and the plan to produce specialized medicines, the company started its activities with contract manufacturing in authentic factories inside and outside the country and simultaneously proceeded to design & build its factory in a land of 50 thousand sq m in the Industrial Park of Nazar Abad. 


Based on the principle of commitment to create and maintain the quality of the products, Sepid Teb designs, formulates and manufactures the products, relying on its specialized R&D team utilizing experienced and proficient experts that make us the best, unique and reliable laboratory in Iran. 


Right at the moment, Sepid Teb by launching more than 30 products in different fields of food supplements, herbal medicine and specialized chemical medicine has been established the high quality standards for domestic products on its activities.