Sepid Teb Azmoon food & drug control specialized accredit center laboratory one of the health reference laboratory subset opened by Dr.Seyed Hossein Etemadi establisher of YaghootRooyan Holding Group on Saturday 4th of January.

This laboratory includes quality control departments of drug, food, biological products, hygienic and cosmetic, food supplement, natural products and medical essential and equipment which are in health reference labs group, in opening of this laboratory ceremony plus Dr.Etemadi groups of health system officials of country were presented.

In this ceremony in addition of emphasizing on this subject that reliance of people on accredit lab should be amplify Dr.Etemadi added:

Accredit labs of Ministry of Health which are scout of food and drug control and one of the reliable centers for people ,should continue their research activities for attracting most units of society trust ,because important issues of people drug and food usage need research and study in these centers .

Also Dr.Etemadi stated due to this fact that all internal food and drug materials both exported and imported need serious protection, creating a cooperation platform between Ministry of health and accredited labs for training human resource for future generation of country is necessary. 

In other parts of his statements by expressing this accredited lab of Ministry of health have their own job elaboration in their activities ,said special attention to officials for having targeted management on these elaborations of related food, drug, cosmetic and hygienic industries is necessary.

More Dr.Roya Pourshaghaghi manager of Sepid Teb Pharmacy by mentioning Ministry of Health pioneering in transference services to private department said: Now lab duties and services of ministry transferred to more than 100 laboratories in Tehran and counties in country.

She also by mentioning about achievements of health district in country in recent years such as achieving WHO accreditation for supervising global export and holding training workshop for different countries by related units of Ministry of Health added: 

Upgrading capabilities of accredited lab and also starting new ways in controlling products which are result of new technology including biotechnology and nanotechnology and the same will be new solution and platform in progressing of health group of country in development according to last global standards.

At the end Dr.Etemadi said that Sepid Teb accredited lab is one the most specialized and equipped labs in Ministry of health remind that:

This group has satup due to the aim of developed and specialized supervising on food, drug, cosmetic and hygienic in physical and chemical field of related industries in a place about 500 m2 with cooperation of leading university professors and expertise from inside and outside of the country including 25 sources of professional doctors in pharmacy, medicinal chemistry and also expertise in different parts that we hope can add another awards to Yaghootrooyan Holding Group by activating these sources and potentials and also have an effective step on sufficiency of our country .