The main ingredient is derived from the white

kidney bean (Phaseolous Vulgaris). It is the

first nutritional ingredient to neutralize starch

found in your favorite foods such as potatoes

breads, pasta. rice, corn and crackers. This

is a safe yet powerful nutritional product

to help the reduction of the absorption of

starch calories during the digestive process

your body converts carbohydrates, found in

starchy foods such as potatoes and pasta

into sugar. Your body does this by breakingdown

the carbohydrate molecule with alpha

amylase, an enzyme that is produced in the

pancreas. These sugar calories are either

burned off through exercise or stored as fat

cells for future use. Unfortunately, inactivity

means that these stored fat cells accumulate

The result is weight gain

This product helps neutralize the digestive

enzyme alpha amylase before it can convert

starch into glucose and then fat. Essentially

it allows the carbohydrates to pass through

the system possibly with less caloric intake