This product contains psyllium powder and dried figs fruit as a flavoring and fiber and has laxative properties.Psyllium is a plant fiber from the husk is used for therapeutic purposes because it contains the highest amount of fiber is soluble in water.


This product helps to:
Treatment of constipation.
Treatment of high blood cholesterol and help reduce blood pressure.
The treatment of hemorrhoids.
Loss of appetite and weight loss.
Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.
Lacks-Active is available for vegetarians.
Gluten-free and usable for vegetarians.
No color and additives.
No preservatives


The advantage of psyllium and other laxatives of figs and after discontinuation of the drug is not addictive, does not return constipation again Only after several days of using this product is suitable density and volume increases stool. the stomach and intestines is reduced and the risk of cancer and diseases of the digestive system are reduced. Psyllium is also useful to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.This process contains dyes and chemical additives, does not irritate the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines, is gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians

The main advantages:
Unique soluble fiber to combat overweight and obesity.
Eliminate hunger.
Cleanse the digestive tract and feces density setting.
Effective help in the fight against diarrhea and constipation.
Stimulates the conversion of cholesterol to bile acids and increased fecal excretion of bile acids.
Reducing fatigue, stress and migraines caused by insufficient bowel movements.
Improve skin quality.
Effective help to cleanse and improve the overall condition of the body.

Each sachet Lax-Active® Content:
Psyllium powder (shell) 5 g
Fig fruit powder 15 grams
2 g of sorbitol powder