Zinco max® (zinc gluconate) is presented in the form of 30 mg tablet in a 30 pcs package.This product is available in 3 blisters each containing 10 tablets, plus a leaflet in a box.

Each tablet contains :

30 mg zinc element equivalent to 200 mg gluconate. the following ingredient is generally presented as a different mineral formulation, and the type of agent has an impressive effect on its absorption. therefore this supplement contains zinc gluconate which is more effective and minimal side effects compare to other types of zinc supplements.


• Help to Hair and nails health enhancer.

• Help to Increases body defense against infection.

• Help to treatment and Prevention of colds.

• Help to Promotes natural growth and development of the body during fetal life, childhood and adolescence.




Dosage and Administration:

One tablet daily preferably with meal to prevent digestive complications