Arthritis is a progressive disease and spoiler cartilage, cartilage gradually thin and weak and reduced joint space between bones and subsequent contact surface close to each other and being pulverized.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic inflammatory joint that occurs due to loss of protective cartilage. There are two main symptoms of the disease.
Pain, which in situations of motion, the higher the intensity and humidity and cold weather adds to the intensity.
Limitations in daily activities, the morning is intensifying due to arthritis and thickening of the ends of the bones. This causes a variety of health supplements because of the composition of cartilage and joints more flexible.

The main effects and active ingredients:

1. glucosamine: a basic Aminosugar for glycoprotein synthesis and proteoglycan production is found in cartilage. increase and subsequent protective activities on the joints and cartilage activity increased flexibility.

: Chondroitin Sulfate-2 is a Glcosaminoglycan the protective effect of stimulating chondrocytes and cartilage cells is the main constituent. chondroitin Sulfate reducing pain and improving joint action in osteoarthritis is less intense.

Glucosamine and Kvndrv Aytyn in the treatment of bone-joint events in some sports activities too much pressure on the joints can be used.

manganese -3: The main effect of this material is that antioxidant capacity of cells caused by free radicals protects the body Raazkhsarat. Manganese is essential for healthy bone and cartilage health improvement and with other factors is essential to prevent bone Azpvky and also interfere with the metabolism of fat and sugar and helps blood clot. Mngnzdr dietary deficiency may cause weakness and physical fatigue and joint pain.

L (L-ascorbic Acid) Vitamin C -4 lack of vitamin C in the diet can cause Tvandalthabat joints of arthritis and osteoarthritis occur consequently. This vitamin will also help to collagen. Collagen is the building of the dam is very important tissues and the structural composition of the joints, cartilage Vtandvnha used. Myshvddrafrad advise smokers VitC must be included in their diet because they Dcharmyshvnd Rvmatvyyk Bhbymary earlier.

L-Proline-5: It is a non-essential amino acid that the body of the Shvd.klazhn Nyazklazhn with VitaminC ago to repair cartilage tissue and skeletal help facilitate this process gives detailed movement.

Flexible and soft tissue and cartilage of the bones in the joint to prevent erosion. In osteoarthritis, cartilage analysis of the process and this is inevitable with age. If the cartilage before the analysis is complete, recovered significantly reduces bone pain Yabd.vrm bones, hips, knees and spine of the most common complications of this disease.

L-Lysine-: It is an essential amino acid and the absorption of calcium in the body. In patients who have undergone surgery this Article hasten recovery is recovering. Osteoporosis can delay the formation of this vital process. People with dietary supplements containing L-Lysine and L-Proline-food use have joint pain are significantly reduced.


Dietary supplement in tablet form packed in 60 digits

The amount and route of administration:
Each time one pill 2 times a day with plenty of water daily.